Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

A rustic wedding theme creates a warm, earthy, organic, and romantic atmosphere that's perfect for any winter wedding! Whether your wedding will be in a trendy loft in the city or a charming farm house in the country, this fun & unique wedding theme will work great for any budget.

Here are some really chic rustic ideas for your wedding reception table centerpieces:

• Use vintage tin pails for your flowers. A rustic red color looks stunning, especially if the container is a little worn, showing some of the silver tin where the paint has rubbed off. Antique stores and flea markets usually have plenty of these to choose from. Or, if you're not on a tight budget, you can purchase them from places like Pottery Barn.

• Use fruits and vegetables, like artichoke, pears, apples, or eggplant as your main focal point, placing them in unique vintage containers. Add other elements in and around your fruit or vegetable centerpieces like herbs, flowers, twine, and candles to tie the look in.

• Branches look wonderful incorporated into a centerpiece, either being placed in tall vases or just simply resting on the table along with your other centerpiece decorations. You can save a lot of money by collecting branches, sticks, and twigs yourself, or you can choose to purchase them at craft stores.

• A large slice of wood from a tree trunk work great as a stand for your centerpieces. You can even personalize each one on a corner with the initials of the bride and groom and wedding date, perhaps surrounded by a heart. Place centerpiece items on top of it, like glass cylinder vases filled with candles and wrapped with ribbon, and then maybe some dried flowers resting around the base of the vases.

Don't be afraid to let each table have it's own unique style. With a rustic style, you don't want a uniform look anyway! If fact, you can choose to have each table be completely different and then give each one it's own unique name. For instance, you can have a "walk in the woods" table using lots of wood elements and candles, and perhaps a "romantically rustic" table using lots of antiques and ruby reds.


Making Your Dream Wedding Come True While Watching Your Budget

Although it is a common conception that weddings are expensive and luxurious, one doesn't have to go overboard to get the same joy and bonding experience out of your wedding. The term 'dream wedding' does not necessarily mean that it has to cost a million dollars. If your dreams of the wedding can be built on the real bonding experience, you will be very satisfied. Here are some tips that can save you money that you may be spending unnecessarily, without diminishing the real experience.

Planning Wisely
In the first stages of your wedding planning regiment, the most important thing for you to devise is a priority list. For the budget conscious, it is important for you to organize your different costs and try to cut some that seem unessential. Another idea to try to cut some costs is to replace very expensive and elegant flower arrangements with subtle, simple, yet also elegant ideas. This concept does not only have to apply to your flower arrangements, you can apply it to many aspects of your wedding also. It is not usually smart to cut the costs of the food arrangements of the wedding if you are planning on serving food. By making sure you have good food, your guests will be happy, even if you have cut back on other aspects. You never want to be stuck with unhappy guests!

Avoiding Saturdays
Even though getting married on a Saturday seems very beneficial due to the timing in the week, it is smarter to get married on a different day of the week. Like was said, this time in the week is a perfect time to get married, and so results in the most expensive pricing. If you are willing to move your wedding to a different day, you could save substantially.

Do It Yourself Ideas
Even though it is much simpler to buy things for your wedding, there are many things that you can do yourself to save money. Starting from the beginning, you can make your "Save the Date" cards as well as the invitations. Right off the bat, you will be saving a couple of hundred dollars. This is not the only aspect of your wedding that can be done like this, so be sure to use your imagination.

Use Your Credit Card
Although, you can't make everything yourself for your wedding, so when you do have to buy items, make sure you use a credit card that gives you cash back for your purchases. As long as you pay the credit card off before the interest starts racking up, you will save money by the cash back program.

Best Price Bookings

One thing that you definitely have to pay for is the place where you plan on getting married. Make sure that you book your wedding far in advance, this way the owner of the property will know far ahead of time. If the owner is rushed with the planning of the property for your wedding, they are much more likely to charge you a higher price.


How to Have a French Wedding?

Love and France seem to be identical phrases. A stay in a luxurious Parisian hotel, a wedding ceremony in a romantic candlelit chateau, the bride, groom, and wedding party dressed in the unrivaled style of French fashion design, tasting delectable French cuisine, and wedding photos taken beneath the Eiffel Tower are just a few of the many possibilities of having a French wedding. Unfortunately, it might not be logistically or financially possible to plan a wedding where the wedding couple and all of their family and friends would have to travel from the United States to Europe. However, in spite of economic restrictions, it is still possible to incorporate similar details of a wedding ceremony in France, and have a French themed wedding right in the United States.

Wedding Favors
The French theme can be conveyed in significant details. When choosing wedding favors for a particular style, it is important to choose a design that is representative of the theme. The Fleur de Lis is a celestial lily shaped emblem symbolizing the divine kingdom of France, and the Eiffel Tower is one of France's most recognizable landmarks. Fleur de Lis or Eiffel Tower wedding favors can show your guests the inspiration of your important day. As a special remembrance to be left at the seat of each of your guests of your wedding, you can provide bookmarks, key chains, bottle openers, votive candle holders, soap or even candy tins with a Fleur de Lis or Eiffel Tower design.

Modern or classic clothing styles can be incorporated into a French-themed wedding. The layers of lace on a wedding gown can portray the opulence of Marie Antoinette for a French wedding theme of that particular period. The sleek sophistication of modern French couture can be found in today's current French designers.

A French-inspired wedding has to have the necessary romantic visual cues, which the right venue can deliver. A local wine producer is likely to offer their grounds for outdoor wedding ceremonies, or even indoor ceremonies in the cellar. Outside in a vineyard, the sun can give the special lighting for a French-themed wedding, inside a wine cellar; candles can be an inexpensive way to create a romantic, intimate setting. If a chateau isn't available in your area, any romantic indoor or outdoor venue can be transformed into a French setting using artistic cues such as the colors from famous French paintings. For instance, look at the hues of Monet, and borrow some of those colors for your bouquet, and your floral selections for your ceremony site.

Beverages and Food
Wine and coffee are two staples to a French menu, as is delicious food. If you choose to serve wine, it doesn't have to be costly. Choose a wine that says something about and your spouse, and one that has a romantic flavor. Offer your guests a beautiful deep red or sweet white, or provide your guests with both options. Coffee is another French beverage, which can be served heated, over ice, and served at the cocktail hour and throughout the wedding feast. Your interpretation of French cuisine doesn't have to be expensive or overdone, but should include some key ingredients of a French wedding menu, such as bread and pastry.


2012 Prom Dresses Colors

OK, so you're off to prom soon and busily searching for beautiful and unique 2012 prom dresses! But how can you be sure to look on trend for 2012? Prom dresses change every year, at least the trends that they follow do, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

1. Metallic Tones: Ok, so this isn't exactly a color, but metallics are really hot right now. To get that really shiny metallic look you'll want to consider dresses made of iridescent taffeta (there are loads).

2. Blue: Blue prom dresses are shaping up to be massive in 2012. Prom being formal, you may wish to go with a darker blue which lends itself better to formal events, but most blues are going to look good.

3. Orange: I know that orange wouldn't be most girls' first choice when it comes to their choice of color from all the 2012 prom dresses available, but did you know that orange has been voted 'color of the year' by the color experts? If you're worried of looking like a giant fruit, how about choosing burnt orange or ochre colors?

4. Nude: Nude was big last year and it still is! It's also good, as nude colors suit everyone and are rather appealing.

2012 prom dresses in trendy colors may not be promoted as heavily then; therefore if you take time to dig for them (which many girls won't) you'll have more chance of turning up in a unique dress.


Wedding Dress Trend 2012 Spring/Summer

Finding beautiful and unique wedding dresses for the most important day is every girl's dream. But it may be quite troublesome to make a decision before thousands of bridal gowns. So maybe you could choose the bridal dresses according to the fashion trend, and here are wedding gowns trend for 2011 spring and summer.

Black wedding gowns
Many brides have a love-hate relationship with the wedding gowns with black elements. As dress with black is so trendy yet many parents do not like black colors. But luckily, in 2011 trend, black elements are just some decoration, black bow, black girdle or black golf.

Although the general trend of 2011 bridal dress is simple, ruffles styled bridal gowns continue to be popular in 2011. Those irregular ruffles and laces designs will surely add romance and charm to the bride.

Flower decoration
The flowers decorations full of spring feeling become more in wedding dress design. With hundreds of roses on the gowns, every bride would be full of romance and feminine.

Details in back designs

Wedding ceremony is only once in the whole life, so the wedding dress cannot be too careful to focus the details. So a gown with special design in back will surely make the bridal dress special and eye-catching.


Valentine's Day Tips For Lovers

Valentine's Day presents a special gift-giving challenge. This romantic holiday celebrates love; many people want to try to give something extra-special but can't think of any unique ideas for Valentine's Day.

Guys, you want to show your lady that she is your very special Valentine. Instead of the old stand-by of flowers or a chocolate box, try small, pretty trinkets. You can mix and match a necklace and bracelet, hand picked by you, to show her how special she is. Match her eyes or her moods with your choice, and be sure to enclose a card explaining why the jewelry reminded you of her. A sweetly romantic idea that can't go wrong is candles; a girl can never have enough scented candles or pretty holders; there is something about candle light that captures a woman's soul. Pack a special gift bag with wonderful indulgences like flavored lip glosses or bath items. A cute stuffed animal tops off a perfect gift selection for your sweetie. Chocolates are always welcome, but try putting them in a special gift box or bag this year to make your gift stand out. Flowers are a great idea, but give them to her in a beautiful vase that will last long after the flowers have faded.

For the ladies, every year his Valentine's Day gift holds the same choices for him; magazine subscriptions, gift slips, and ties. Try something different this year. A hand picked gift will hold even more meaning for him; some aroma therapy items to help him unwind after a stressful day, a photo frame with your favorite picture of the two of you, or a framed art piece that reminds you of him. This is the time to indulge his favorite pass times; think of a theme that he loves, and pick a few small gifts to fit that theme. Find a special gift wrap or gift bag for a one-of-a-kind gift this year.

Don't forget mum and dad this Valentine's Day. Some great ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for parents could include eye-catching home decor items that they might not otherwise buy for themselves. Garden decoration items are a welcome reminder that spring is right around the corner. An I.O.U. in a card is another great idea; write one thing you will do for them this year from helping around the house to washing their cars, or anything you can imagine. Mum and dad probably don't go out to dinner as often as they should; get them a gift slip to their favorite restaurant this year.

On Valentine's Day, remember the kids. Some small toys or stuffed animals are a great way to show your junior Valentines that you think they are special; these are much healthier for them than chocolates or candy.

Think of unique ways to put a twist on the classic chocolate boxes and flowers, and spice up your selections with champagne. Your Valentine will love the extra thought you put into your gifts this year.


Wedding Ideas For Sports Lovers

These days there are almost as many women who are into watching sports as guys. If you and your fiance share a love of sports or first bonded over a favorite team, you might want to incorporate some fun sporty elements into your wedding plans. These are some great wedding ideas for sports lovers.

As with all weddings, the place to begin is with the proposal. Gentlemen, if your girlfriend is a huge baseball fan, do what a friend of mine did and propose to her on the Jumbotron at her favorite stadium. Taking in a game and getting engaged, all in one afternoon? What could be better? Another really cute way to pop the question to a sports fan would be to order a custom jersey for her that says "Mrs. Jones" (insert your last name there) and give it to her as a gift. Watch her face go from surprise to confusion to joy, as it dawns on her that you are asking her to become your wife.

The rehearsal dinner can be another place to celebrate your favorite shared sport. One very unique idea is to host the party in a fancy box at a baseball or football stadium. Treat your guests to traditional stadium fare like hot dogs, nachos, and beer. You can bet that such a fun location for the party will be a great icebreaker. If you can't reserve a room in a stadium for your rehearsal dinner, you can still bring sports into it. If both families are the sort to enjoy athletics, think about planning your party around a softball game in a local park. Alternatively, you could have a pickup football game or plan a family golf tournament.

Sports can definitely play a role in the wedding itself. One idea is to use your favorite team's colors as part of your wedding palette. This works better in some instances than others. If you are a Dallas Cowboy's fan, it would be a snap to get everything from the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry to the table linens in their signature blue and silver colors. Top your cake with a big star, and you will be good to go. On the other hand, if you and your fiance bonded over four years of Tennessee Vols games, you will need to tread a bit more lightly when using the team colors. Bright orange flowers would be pretty for the bouquets (perhaps mixed with fuchsia blossoms), but don't saddle your attendants with head to toe orange dresses, bridesmaid jewelry, and flowers to match!

Depending just how crazy you and your fiance are about sports, there are many more neat ways in which to show your love of the game. You could have custom wedding invitations created to resemble tickets. Wedding programs can be modeled after the programs at sporting events. On a smaller scale, unique boutonierres would be a fun way for the groom to show his team spirit. And don't forget the cake toppers, whether you have bobbleheads of your favorite players, a team logo, or a crystal football on the top tier.


Choosing a Wedding Dress to Suit Your Skin Tone

Just like the clothes you choose to wear to work, for a night out or to the gym, it's not all about the style of the outfit but the colour too. Different colours suit certain skin tones better than others and this applies to the colouring of your wedding gown. Just as particular styles enhance various body shapes, so the colour of your bridal wear can totally alter the way a dress looks on you.

When browsing through a shop's selection of wedding dresses and deciding which ones to try on, the assistants should be more than happy to discuss with you the choice of colours that are available and ascertain what looks good on your own personal skin colouring.

It is important to take into consideration the season in which you are getting married and what your skin tone will be then. Are you having a summer wedding? If so will you have a bit of a tan already, or perhaps you might be choosing to add a fake glow! If you're going for a professional spray tan or doing it yourself at home we would advise you to have a 'practice run' first. If you're an overseas bride then getting wed in a hot climate it is most likely to alter your skin colour. Do be extra careful if you have a tendency to burn and watch out for unsightly strap marks, neither of which will be a good look! Alternatively if it's a winter wedding many of us will be sporting the pale English rose complexion! Whatever your personal skin colouring, it should be a determining factor when you're searching for your dream wedding dress.

When you have worked out what sort of colouring you are going to be on your special day then it's time to begin looking for your perfect bridal gown. A bride who has darker skin tones can look utterly amazing in white. This traditional colour also works well on brunettes with medium skin tones. Brides with yellow tones in their complexions should avoid lighter coloured wedding dresses as they can look drained.

Wedding dresses that are off-white are less stark than bright white. They are an easier colour to wear, warmer on the skin and are a softer natural shade. There is a huge range of off-white shades and they have varying names which include diamond white, antique white, old white and latte. As they suit virtually all skin tones and hair colours it is a popular colour that many brides opt to buy.

The wedding dress colour ivory works well on dark-haired brides with paler complexions, Mediterranean women, ladies of a darker skin colouring and brides with pink undertones. Ivory looks very different depending on the actual fabric of the wedding dress itself, A bride who looks beautiful in an ivory satin dress may not look so striking in an ivory lace or taffeta gown. Ivory to date is still the best-selling colour and tends to suit most brides.

Light gold, cream and champagne wedding gowns are warming and rich. They can look stunning on red heads and medium skin colours with pink undertones. This colour gives skin a real vibrant lift and can make the wedding dress look more expensive! Very pale and yellowish skin coloured brides should however avoid cream as it can make them look ghostly and drained.


Five Wedding Shoes Styles for 2012

A wedding is one of those events that occurs once in a lifetime and requires not only a good planning but also a sufficient funding. However, for the part of ladies who have always imagined themselves looking best on this unique ceremony, having the most beautiful and valuable wedding dress is on the most important place. At the same time, just as important as searching for the right wedding dress, is the really important job of hunting for the suitable wedding shoes to complement the gown.

1. High-heeled shoes always look beautiful.
Wedges or pumps, stilettos or any other wedding shoes or boots will certainly not move out of trends. High-heeled shoes look feminine and exceptional and brides who tend to wear such shoes consider assured and attractive. Of course, the way specified shoes will combine with the wedding outfit and the ideal height of the heels will depend on bride's choice. The best way is to buy your wedding shoes only when you have bought your wedding dress. The excellent choice of high-heeled wedding shoes can give the important attention to the fiancée. The absolute majority of the wedding dresses are supposed in the strategy that they mainly put attention on the bride's shoulders, face, and chest. In contrast, with the suitable high-heeled shoes you can highlight on the lower part of your body.

2. Sandals can also suit a bridal dress.
In spite of the stylish look of high-heeled shoes, the importance for a level of comfort did not stops continuously growing. The recognition of wearing sandals as wedding shoes is constantly growing. Sandals have really minimal heels. Nonetheless, if you select proper design, you will have in effect an elegant look. If you wear sandals, you may not only feel confident, but also avoid your feet from stress.

3. Flats are another good option for your wedding.
You may not realize it, but flats in the last seasons had been as well in fashion. They can assure you stability and comfort. You don't need to be timid of making tripped when you wear flats. You can swiftly walk right down the gangway and feel like a true princess.

4. Ivory wedding shoes as an element for a classic wedding.
White design represents the classic itself and the upcoming time period the ivory will arrive to take prestigious place in the fashion industry. Ivory wedding shoes can become more stylish and exceptional. In case you supervise to match ivory shoes to you dress, it will be an innovative way to emphasize clean and long lines of your bridal gown for your special day look. Ivory bridal shoes do not get easily and are ultimate alternatives with almost every silk and spike ivory wedding gown.

5. Open-toe shoes are not really meant for casual style.
Open-toe shoes in general are accompanied with comfortable trends, but in recent times they turned into very popular for weddings as well. Christian Louboutin, a known French footwear designer, has shown passion in this shoe design and lots of people have approached his idea due to the fact of flexibility and original fashion. If you make the decision to choose open-toe shoes, you will without any doubt look fabulous and glamorous on your big day.

One of the most significant moments in the life of ladies is a wedding day. All brides wants to look decent on this big Day, but to feel great is extremely important too. If you select one of the models that are described right above to suit your bridal dress, you should have a long memory of your wedding.