What Are the Wedding Accessories? -- Part One

Well, it is quite reasonable if you feel totally lost in comprehending a complete list of your wedding accessories. The length of the list of accessories for weddings of course depends on what kind of a marriage you want. Be it a black tie regal affair or a simple destination marriage, there are some basic accessories for a wedding that every marriage organizer must plan and arrange beforehand. Our discussion here will brief you on some basic information about wedding accessory.

At the church

The main marriage ceremony takes place at the church. So you should be very careful to make everything ready for that auspicious moment. Check and re-check everything so that the nothing goes wrong. Memorial candles and unity candles though optional and depend on how much traditional and religious you are, yet if you include them then do not forget to arrange beautiful candle holders.

For showering purpose you have a wide array of options. This accessory for a wedding may include rice, bird seeds, bubbles, flower petals, confetti, butterflies etc. For church decoration you must include flowers and candles. Also the decoration can be done with personalised wedding accessories to lend a special touch. You can include aisle runner and pews' bows.

At the bridal party
There are many small and intricate details to be taken care of for the bridal party. First and foremost ring has to be taken care of. The ring bearer will require a beautiful flowery ring bearer's pillow. Do not forget small but decorated beautiful flower baskets for the flower girls. Also keep in mind the special gifts for the maid of honour, bridesmaid and every one included in the bridal party.

The bridal wedding accessories will also include gowns, wedding hair accessories, handkerchiefs, bridal hair accessories, purse and bags, bridal tiaras, bridal flip-flops, bridal jewellery, garters, bridal emergency kit, wedding jewellery, fashion accessory, wedding dress accessories and other bridal accessories.


Wedding Planning Ideas for Parents

Parents who have a son or daughter that is getting married will need to look for wedding planning ideas. When parents need to be on a budget for their child's wedding, they will look for cheap wedding ideas. There are many ideas that they can use to create their child's dream wedding. Just because people are frugal with their money does not mean that they cannot throw a beautiful wedding and reception for their son or daughter.

There are forums that parents can go to for wedding planning ideas if they do not know where to start looking to plan a wedding. Many people will talk about how they used cheap wedding ideas to create their own wedding. Parents will find ideas, such as doing a buffet style rather than pricing individual plates for their guests. Buffet dinners can be as classy as a sit down dinner. People can choose to have any type of food at a buffet dinner. Families who want to pinch pennies can make the food their selves. Buying food in bulk is cheaper per head than setting individual plates with a caterer.

Outdoor weddings are another way to save money when parents are on a budget. Many places do not cost anything to throw a wedding ceremony and reception. Most parks have gazebos that are cheap to rent, or people can rent their own tent. People use tents to prepare for poor weather. Outdoor weddings have a natural beauty that gives off a romantic atmosphere. A couple's love is natural, so an outdoor wedding is the perfect combination.

Instead of having a large wedding ceremony, parents often give their child a sum of money to go on a honeymoon. This is cheaper than reserving the church, setting up decorations, and hiring a religious official for the ceremony. The couple would go to the courthouse to have their marriage official, and then they can have a small reception to celebrate with their close friends and family members. Then they have enough money to go on their honeymoon. Choosing to go to the justice of the peace to get married eliminates the need for a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen. The entire idea behind marriage is love, not the way people celebrate their love. Parents will not need to dip in their retirement money to pay for their son or daughter's wedding when they choose to spend frugally.


Making the Bride Glamorous On Her Wedding Day

The marriage ceremony
When man and woman commit to be united in matrimony, the marriage ceremony comes first in the preparation. To most people, marriage is a major event, a lifetime commitment that should be celebrated differently from all other occasions. Most couples want their ceremony to be unique and memorable, a grand wedding day celebration! Normally, the ceremony is celebrated taking into consideration the culture, tradition, religion, and social standing of the celebrants. During this occasion, the bride and groom wear fabulous wedding outfits while family members and guests wear formal outfit for the occasion. Most weddings, have adopted the traditional custom of wearing white wedding dress with a veil for the bride. In addition, the exchange of marriage vows is a major part of the wedding.

The bride

During the wedding, the most important person for the day is the bride. On that special occasion, the bride should be the most beautiful woman of the day. She does not only wear her most beautiful wedding dress, but also wears jewelry and accessories for personal adornment. Bridal jewelry is made special from a wide range of materials, gemstones, and other precious materials to match the wedding theme. For example, for celebrations held by the beach, shells will likely take most of the craft. Like all other wedding preparations, the choice of bridal jewelry takes place several days or weeks before the merriment. The bride normally takes care of almost everything starting from the selection of bridal gown, the guests, the venue, the food, the wedding cake and even the wedding theme color and motif.

Wedding jewelry and accessories
Most brides have taken charge of their marriage outfit several weeks or even months before the wedding. Most of the time, brides handpicked the materials, choose the designer and arrange almost every details before the celebration or hire a wedding planner to do all the preparations to make the wedding day perfect. The wedding ring and other bridal jewelry and accessories must have already been picked to match the couple's wedding outfit and style. Most of the time, the hairstyle, and the wedding dress complement the necklace, bracelet, or earrings that the bride should wear. The wedding dress should harmonize with the gemstones in the wedding dress or headpiece as well as other wedding accessories.


Five Wedding Themes for 2012

What are the five top wedding themes for 2012? You may be somewhat surprised at what brides and grooms are choosing this year for backdrops, settings, decorations, and wedding favors. Traditional weddings are still in style, but more and more couples are looking for something different, going against the status quo to put on nuptial celebrations that dazzle the eye and give the guests something to talk about for years to come. If you're planning a wedding this year, you might want to consider one of these.

Fairy Tale themes: Be Snow White or Cinderella to his Prince Charming. The movie industry isn't the only business opening up Grimm's fables these days. Fairy tale themed weddings, complete with costumes, gingerbread men, and pumpkin coach wedding favors, are definitely more popular across the country this year, more so than any of the other themes on this list. Looks like fantasy trumps reality for 2012.

Beach themes: Who doesn't want to get married on a white sandy beach with the sun shining overhead and the waves crashing on the shore for background music? If you're like most folks, you'd prefer to do it in a tropical paradise, but getting guests there would be prohibitively expensive. How about doing a beach theme instead? It's the second most popular setting for a wedding this year.

Las Vegas themes: Gambling and show tunes are alive and well, not just in the City of Sin, but across the nation in wedding reception halls everywhere. Vegas wedding themes have always been popular and this year they seem to be on the rise. Are folks more likely to gamble with the Mayan calendar predicting an early exit? That's one theory. Here's another. Vegas themed weddings are just a lot of fun.

Asian themes: Resurgence in interest in Eastern culture has led to an increase in the number of Asian themed weddings in the United States and abroad. Marriage is a more solemn and celebrated affair in nations where history dates back several millennia. Even non-Asians seem to have taken an interest in these time-honored traditions. You won't be the first to choose an Asian wedding theme if you go this route.

Seasonal themes: Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call - any wedding planner, cake maker, or wedding favors supplier. They all have seasonal options, no doubt the reason why this category is on the list. You can never go wrong with matching the décor and setting with the season of the year. For that matter, if you're truly in love, you can never go wrong no matter what you do with your wedding theme. Congratulations and may you have a long and prosperous life together.


Tips To Stand Out In Wedding Party

Previously, formal wear for both men as well as women, used to be dull, boring and simple. But, today, with change on the lifestyle and trend, even formal wear come is a variety of choices, designs, colors, patterns, as well as style. Earlier, there were hundreds and thousands of incredible choices available for women only, but with time now there is a wide range of assortments available for men as well, in the world of fashion and style. Previously, men were only particular about the brands, but now, even men love to follow the latest fashion trend and style. Be it formal clothing, formal shoes, or any other fashion essentials, men also keep themselves updated about the recent fashion.

Basically, formal wear depend upon the different occasions, meetings and places. Be it an official meeting, an office get-together or a wedding party, there is special and different formal gears for each and every occasion. Like women's most of the fashion enthusiast men also get confused when it comes to dressing up for a wedding party. Well, were you too got confused last time when you had to attend a wedding party? Did you go through your closet or cupboard many times, moving each hanger front ward just to find out the best suitable and existing option from your wardrobe collection? Is that so, here are some tips to stand alone in the crowd. Don't forget, each and every formal fashion essential will help you look the best among the gathering of hundreds of people. So, while selecting a formal outfits or formal shirts, make sure it should complement your personality and add style to your sophisticated look. Add style to your sophisticated look with a little creativity and fashion style moderation.

For the prefect, and unique look, don't get restricted to basic colors like white, black or brown, try different and classic colors such as pastel pink, rose, purple, red, shades of green, gray, royal blue, jasmine, fuchsia, bronze, ice blue, and platinum. You can also opt shades of oranges, lime and mustard, just chose the best suitable and perfect color while buying formal shirts for your formal suit for a party. Color selection is one of the most important factors when picking an outfit of the wedding; a unique color gets noticed as well as remarked at the first glimpse itself. Among the gathering of hundreds of people in the wedding party, perfectly matched combination will stand out.

When shopping or getting ready for a party, make sure your shirt to shoes, coat/pant to tie, belt to cufflinks, should blend and match perfectly all together, in order to complement your personality. Moreover, while selecting a formal shirt for a business suit, make sure you select a simple, sober, and classic color. Different occasions and places require different dressing style as per the cultures and event. Well, you cloths define your fashion sense and style. If you are fashion aficionados, then you should be wearing clothes according to the occasion. So, select the style, design and outfit that suit your personality.


Dress Options That Steal the Scene!

Weddings are life-changing occasions not just for the groom and the bride but also for their families. During the ceremony, perhaps each one of the guest anticipates what the fair maiden will be walking down the aisle with. Will it be a ball gown, an A-line wedding dress, or a short dress? There is no contest that the bride is the radiating beauty at that fine hour. However, if you are the bridesmaid, fret not as there are still lots of ways that you too, can be a noticeable beauty that special day, though not as prominent as the bride's.

If you are the best friend or the sister of the bride who will be taking over the role of a bridesmaid, perhaps, you must also be very ecstatic as to what gown you will be wearing on that eventful moment. Below are the most popular choices among many unwed women who are bound to be the pretty bridesmaids on a wedding:


Jewels and accents give every piece of clothing a stunning and elegant red-carpet look. If you want to look like a million dollar bridesmaid on this day, gems, crystals and other pieces of embellishment are the keys to success. Draping the dress with tulle also adds a very ethereal touch to the entire outfit. To complete the look, adorning your crowning glory with studded head bands as well as metallic bangles will add to the edgy look of your bridesmaid dress.


Flowers are one of the elements that will never be out of date during weddings. Whether placed on tables, curtains or even the bouquet itself are all filled with flowers. Your bridesmaid dress can also be a perfect place to prettify with flowers. A one-shouldered floor-length dressed which is the same color as that of the wedding's color motif can be a good idea for those who wants to show off their nice and broad shoulders and modelesque clavicles. Using satin or other flowing fabric will also add drama to the dress giving it the forest-goddess impression. Try to slow down on the volume of flowers accentuated on the dress as you may not want to go over-the-top in accessorizing.


Classic is a word that will surely be adamant when it comes to weddings. For that, ivory colors such as peach, beige, cream and other variations of these colors are oftentimes used during weddings. Go for the classy and elegant bridesmaid with a bridesmaid dress that exhibits a mild color with a sexy and subtle cut. Jump out from mediocrity and add exciting details to the dress by giving it a sexy bareback cut, a dramatic layered hem, ruches, sashes, sequins or even slits.


5 Signs That a Filipina Dream Bride is in Love With You

A Filipina lady is basically warm and friendly. But despite that positive attitude, a Filipina dream bride is reserved and not vocal about her feelings. She would rather show it in her actions. The adage "action speaks louder than words" is simply true among Filipina brides.

To help you find out if your Filipina dream bride is in love with you, here are five telltale signs:

One, the Filipina lady is extra-pleasant to you.
If she invites you at her home, that is already a good sign. Filipina women honor their parents and relatives. If she likes a man, she would invite him first at her home and introduces him to her parents. If this is not happening to you, and she is just meeting you outside of her home, then she is may be simply courteous and has no plan to get really serious with you. So, think about it... has she ever asked you to visit her at home and meet her parents? If not, then she is not interested to be your Filipina dream bride.

Second, the Filipina woman serves you. Service is purely an act of love among Filipina women. They love to serve their spouse or their boyfriend. This virtue has been passed on by their mothers to their daughters.

Third, the Filipina dream bride cooks for you. Filipina women love to feed their husbands. She really gets busy in the kitchen and makes dinner ready in time for her husband to come. Trust me, this is often true among Filipina brides.

Fourth, the Filipina lady gets excited and is looking forward to your visits.
She prepares herself and pretties herself. Of course, this is always true for all women who are in love, but especially for Filipina ladies.

Fifth, the Filipina dream bride would send you SMS at least thrice a day. A good morning text message, a mid-day encouraging text message and a goodnight text message will flood your inbox. This is so true if you have met her online and you are still communicating by emails or phone. Be ready for that!


Five Stylish Slipper Options For the Fairytale Bride

Even as weddings get increasingly bigger, glammer, and more choreographed and celebrity-planned, the number of brides craving a wedding straight from a fairytale never let up. Instead, the fairytale wedding just gets bigger, with crystal chandeliers and sparkling crystal trees, rosebuds dangling from satin ribbons, aisle runners heaped with petals and rhinestone-studded bouquet wraps.

The low vinyl "slipper."
You've probably seen these Cinderella slippers at wedding sites. You might have loved the idea, but wished for a few more design options. Still, this is our fairytale brides' most popular choice for footwear, at about 28%. Fun to wear, and to save for a little girl down the line.

The fabulous bright pump.
These brides, at around 24%, are going with the hip, fun trend of brightly-hued shoes, whether it's those sultry Louboutin red soles peeking out at the high end, or a spunky pair of Payless aqua pumps.

Demure and classic.
For just under 10% of princess brides, the timeless white or champagne wedding shoe fits the bill.

Turning up the heat.

5% of brides are going bold with those same sky-high vinyl stilettos that you sometime seen at wedding sites ... and sometimes at sites less squeaky-clean and bridal.

Doing it their way.
Almost 15% of fairytale brides are forging their own path through the shoe process, some commissioning custom creations out of raw silk and beads on a clear plastic frame.

Of course, the couture world doesn't leave us high and dry when it comes to footwear flights of fancy, either. Check out Stuart Weitzman's lucite-and-rhinestone-studded beauties, "Arabesque," for starters.

The upshot? The shoes of your dreams are out there. So rest assured, you'll be walking down the aisle in a pair of foot candy every bit as fabulous as those crystal-draped manzanita branches or that stunning cobblestone-castle cake.


Choose the Right Colour for Wedding Dresses

A majority of wedding dresses are white, and white seems to be the most popular wedding dress colour all around the world. White wedding dress prevailed in Victorian times. That's because Queen Victoria was wearing the white wedding dress when she got married. Since then, white wedding dresses have swept the world. Up to now, white wedding dresses are quite popular among young ladies.

The color of the wedding dresses are basically with white, white, champagne. In recent years it is also becoming popular to wear in pink powder, orange powder, blue powder, purple pink, green and shallow silver gown. White wedding dress is the symbol of purity, but other colours are also accepted by more and more young women. In fact, the wedding dress colour is not important. What's important is that the wedding dress colour matches the bride's skin colour. Asian skin is usually deep and yellow, wear ivory color is harmonious and natural, and blue, purple general for yellow skin are not so coordinating. Instead, orange, green and yellow color match Asian skin colour. As for the bride whose skin is white inside deeply red or bronze skin, wearing white will be a good choice.