Spanish attach much attention on the wedding dresses than the rest places in the world. And they lead the designing style of the wedding dress trend around the world. In spain, every year there are lots of large-scale exhibition of the wedding dresses and the design exhibition. In 2003, only the PLATCHI company wedding dresses sale profit surpass 100 million euros. 206,254 pairs of men and women married in 2001 who spend 1.5 billion euros on buying wedding dresses altogether. The wedding dresses made by Spain usually export to German, Italy, America and England. And the density of wedding dresses shops is the highest in the world, almost per 100,000 people have a bridal shop.

Spanish wedding dresses change a lot with different times. In the Medieval time, just like other countries, the red dress is the most fashionable in the aristocratic class for red represents power. The daughter of Henry VI Fei Liba wore the white wedding dress the first time in 1406. But when the white wedding dresses came into vogue is in 1840, on the wedding ceremony of  the future Britain's Queen Victoria who also wore a white veil that time. It keeps the tradition that the solemn wedding dresses have a long tail.  However, in the 1950s, the Spanish do not pay much attention to the wedding dress as long as it is customized or bought for a wedding. The common color are black and other deep dark colors. Today, the main color become white and ivory. And the most interesting thing is the chic bride's crown. It is said the bride's crown is weaved by the root, leaves of trees and the grass-roots long long ago. Later, it turned to the black wheat straw, myrtle, olive branches, and flower bouquets.

The Spanish follows its tradition that the female stand by the left of the male in the wedding ceremony. It is because in the war time, men usually carry their guns on the right should, if the bride stand by his right, it would not be easy for the man to move and make his counter-back.

The honeymoon is an necessary part in Spain. A hit love for traveling and a busy time preparing the wedding, most couples likes take the chance to have a good time out and relax themselves.

Spanish Interesting Wedding Story

Spain is a country with a long history and splendid cuture. Spanish has consistently maintained its own unique customs which is evident in the wedding customs. In spain there is no arranged marriage. Some parents even don't ask any details about the two falling love youngs, and if they want to marry each other, the parents would not say any words to object. Therefore, the phenomenon difficult to find your boyfriend or girlfriend is not exist in Spain. And the lonely-hearts ads is rare except the older teens.

In some places in Spain, when two youths date, they usually put a chair or a small stool in oneside. No one sit on it or puting things or it. It is for a fictitious third people present, symbol they are cared under the guardians.
Another interesting is the couple should cut cakes to struggle the family dominance on the wedding ceremony. And this must be the most lively and solemn moment on the wedding. For guests usually rack their heads to make fun of the couple, they ask all kinds and various question to add the joyous celebrating atmosphere.

The story goes that, when it is time to cut the cake, the seivece will fetche a huge multideck cake, made by coloful cream patterns and written with "happiness". The groom was eager to cut it, but the bride had to stop him. However, her strength is not as strong as the bride. As the cake was almost being cut. The bride hurried to step one foot on the groom so as to distract his attention. However, who can imagine, the groom took this chance to cut the cake into two big blocks and took off one shoe of the bride at the same time putting the shoe high to show off his strength, causing applauses and laughs from present people. The guests started to share the cake. In fact, the bride didn't want the groom to loose fave in front of everybody, she intentionaly to make a sacrifice, deliberately raise her shoe without no ties. And today, the couple usually cut the cake together to imply harmonious marriage life.

Lastly, the bride and groom will dance on the wedding babquet until the tomorrow's dawn.


Top Trends of Spring 2013

As it is coming to the end of 2012. Do you know what’s cooler than sporting Fall’s hottest trends? It cannot be other things but wearing next season’s top trends. Right now, you can literally be fashion forward by checking out what you’ll be seeing for Spring ’13.
A trend that’s stuck around the past few seasons, sheer accents are not going away anytime soon.

Never been a personal favorite of mine, but if Oscar can pull off a fully striped gown then I think I can get on board with this one.

Another trend that’s sticking around from Fall, I am so glad designers are continuing to show leather this Spring. Because remember…everything is better with leather.

This is what I’m talking about. Move over bandage dresses, hello large pizza to myself.

Keeping it classy for Spring, this was one of the most repeated trends I saw on the runways during fashion week.

Another rollover trend from last season, cut-outs are here to stay. And I’m not hating it!

Haven’t seen an influx of ruffles on the runway in a while so I’m  pretty excited for this one.

Which is your favorite Spring trend? Do you have such courage to try this kind? Or you just want to have a eye enjoying.


Make Use around You in Life

As the nail art is very popular today, I believe most of have had such a try in the shop, seeking help from the professional. But have you tried to make it by yourself? That would give you lots of fun and trouble at the same time. And it is a big task to make it good. Here I want to share with you that some thing in your home can help you to finish the preparation work.

The first one is the cheesecloth. It is very useful. When dipped in lacquer, spread apart with fingures, and imprinted onto nails, cheesecloth creates an easy, stenciled fishnet overlay without hand-painting lattice. It makes the complicated steps simple.

The second is paper wowels. For most of you love the stippled effect of snakeskin on nails, but how do you achieve the serpentine finish without splurging on a real snakeskin manicure? The fibrous texture of a paper towel is strangely identical to our reptilian friends. Simply, dab a small amount of polish onto a small piece of the towel, then sponge haphazardly onto nails. That will be great.

The third one is needles and pencils. You must be curious about how does these work! Have your patience. Finely crafted details are difficult to master, even with every nail art brush in the book! For intricate line work, build yourself a needlepoint tip. Stick a sewing needle into the end of any pencil with an eraser end, then scallop, swish, and speckle away!

Last one is the toothpick. It is just the right tool for dotting whatever micro points or polka dots. But make sure that you buy picks with flattened bases for an extra shape to play with.

Are you surprised by all these simple yet practical, common yet useful tools? If you are still wondering, then get your own hands on that art!


The Most Popular Hairstyles 2012

Whether you are getting married, being the bridesmaid or simply the guest of honor at a wedding this year, I've got the perfect wedding haristyles for you. If check my post carefully, you would find the best for you no matter what role you play. Let's have a look.

With a jewelry decoration will keep the hair understated yet modern and romantic. Moroccanoil coiffeur Enzo Angileri who creat such idea, give Theron's stunning hairstyle for this year's Golden Globe awards. The simple hair style with a stunnning jewelry to fix shape is definately perfect. The metallic accessory also can add shis glamour.
The second style have a knot, simple yet sophisticated, partyl cleanly on one side and wrapped over one ear. This style always give people an elegant sense.
The third one is about a soft, textured updo with shinny accessory. The headband can accentuate the loosely pinned curls.

If you have ideal shoulders, neck and you want to showcase your earrings too, you can choose the ponytail. You can't miss this style.

The last one is the braids one. The edgy twist is convient for you to fix your hair.

Having reading these, have figured out what hairstyle you gonna to have? Hurry up and increase your charm.


7 Steps to Make Your Nail Arts

1. Make sure your nails are in good shape. If you are the person who like to your nails, it maybe a little hard for you to good shape your nails. All you have to do the first is to clean and shape your nails before you give them a makeup.

2. Second is to choose a right product since there are too many paintings and polishes in the store. Which brand and type you'd like ia according to your taste. And you can try different kind to find out the most you like.

3. You should look for your suitable techniques and ideas. Each people has his own thought and mind. Some like the one simple color. Others may like lots mixed colors. You can sonsult in the local salon or buy a book, learn by yourself.

4. Get your materials ready. To make a good nail makeup requires lots of patience. So before you start, you'd better put everything you need together, convient for using.

5. Give your nails a base coat, it could be white, pale or pale pink. Remember it require neutral color.

6. Then you can draw your image on the top of the base coat. This step needs you lots of careness and time. No matter what picture you want, just creat it out. But do not make it too complex. Sometimes simple is beautiful.

7. Once your nail design is dry, you'd better protect it with a clear acrylic top coat to seal your creation from damages by hard work.


Tips for Buying Wedding Dresses Within Budgets

Finding the dreaming wedding dress is easy, finding one that fits within your budget is a little harder. Many brides have a budget in their when they prepare their wedding stuff. However the number of brides who stick to the budget buying wedding dress is few. And my suggestion is that you should make sure that you have already done your homework overall and make your heart stick to the price.

If your budget allow you to shop your wedding dress in a boutique, just keep sure you tell the assistant your top price and ask them only to show the gown within your price range firstly. This point is foremost, which keep you not confused by the high price dress you may love when you  give a glance at them. If your budget is less and you are shopping online, don't be wooed by the higher priced dresses, and remember that you can always glam up with shinning accessories.
Second is that you should know the embroidery and embelishments are often hand-sewn onto dresses which add the value to the dress. As a result, the price is much higher than the simple one. If you really want to save money, you'd better choose a simple wedding dresses, making it stunning through decorations.


Lastly it is easy for you to search your suitable dresses on the second-hand market. If you extremely want to save your money and make you the most beautiful on your wedding, the above is worth a try.


2012 Top 3 Fall Wedding Dress Style

Congratulations on your recent engagement. I am thrilled to hear of your engagement and look forward to helping you find the most beautiful and meaningful dress you can wear. Here are some of the latest greastest dresses this fall.
The first one is the pelplum skirt type. Peplum skirts are all the rage, embellished sheer backs are hot and sparkly details. An added ruffle at the waist gives this season's gowns a sophisticated, modern vibe.

There was certainly no shortage of layered skirts this season. But with the crisp fall air coming, having a dress that appears thick without being heavy is crucial to creating the ideal look that every bride wants. You can utilize gowns made by tulle, which presents bitter fleabane sense with lightweight.

Got a sweet tooth? Then this season's perfect for you! Even though lots of women dream of wearing white on their wedding day, I a sure definitely that some of you love the pastel wedding dress.