Tips For Brides-Enjoy Delicious Food & Stay In Shape

Party season means a lot of fun parties, market madness discount, and also means all kinds of delicious food. Especially for the bride who keep the shape for such a long time but have a reluctant eating during the time, it will be a big pity. Now here i will share some tips with the brides.
Fruits and vegetables are your intimate friends. Low heat, strong abdomen feeling, and contain a variety of nutrition elements. Do not forget to add some fruits and vegetables at the end of your eating. Let sea food dishes give you a lot of protein. Sea food contains high protein, and it is also low heat. If you don't have a seafood allergy symptoms, taste the fresh seafood in a festival table. But different cook ways determine the important factor of heat, oil stew, fried, etc and the use of spice will let heat increase greatly. So steamed seafood is the most delicious, and also can utmost to keep food fresh taste. Do not indulge yourself on wine. Drink wine is inevitable at the festival, for you, who want to stay in shape and leave an elegant impression, in addition to control the capacity for liquor, choosing of wine is also important. Choose the wine that contain few sugar, it will play a important role for keep weight. Little snack brings big trouble. A small piece of chocolate, a hazelnut, a piece of cookies, all these look delicate and small, but you may carelessly eat too much. When you are clear-headed, you have already swallowed a considerable mount of heat. So take care of the small dessert, after all, there are more delicious food and nutritions waiting for you.


Lucy Marshall Vintage Wedding Accessories

British designer Lucy Marshall focus on the design of brides' accessories.Each of the design is exquisite and carefully made by hand. The unique and pretty style are favored by the brides.
From 1920's and 1930's inspiration, the headpieces are vintage and delicate. Because of these, all the accessories are deserve to present a gentle and elegant feeling.The fine knits flowers, smooth ribbon and crystal ornament meet the demand of the brides whoa are not only ask for luxuriant feeling but also do not appear too burdensome.
The weeding accessories of is made to order. This service assure that the brides will not worried about whether they are suit for them. And thus the gloves can be made according to your wedding dress, it's your choice for you to choose the color.In addition, the bride can have a pair of glove designed for her. Fingerless gloves are also available for those brides who want to wear their rings.


The Sexy War in 2012 Autumn Winter Fashion Week

Each fashion week may cause lots of people's eyes and focus. Thus, it is a good time for the guests to show up in different dresses. And the celebrities are keen on these shows and each of them want to squeeze on the camera.
On the 2012 autumn winter fashion week in New York, Michael Kors strike a new design series on the stage. Sexy actress Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, from Mission Impossible 4, and actress Paula Patton are seated in the front row of the show debut. Their show-up instantly cause everyone's eyes, especially for their sexy look. Jessica Alba wearing a dress, a cleverly designed to highlight the hot body, and Paula Patton in a black lace perspective dress also achieve the same effect. Anna Wintour also attended the show who came from Devil Wears Prada. Another celebrities are the reddest Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe and "Vogue" magazine creative director - Grace Coddington and so on. I have to say it is really a good chance to meet these masters.


Amazing Alexander McQueen Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 Collection

I believe most people tend to buy the dress which can be worn daily, and to special occasions. Of course, there are lots of designers of this kind. And other masters may design pieces that will never be worn off the runway. And this is totally unwise from the financial point of view for the buyers. And today, let's take a look at  Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collections. Even though he couldn't sell his creations he made, he have left the trace in history.

Sarah Burton, who took after the talented couturier in the fashion house, was afraid to experiment during her first seasons inAlexander McQueen label. Now she has become bolder and her designs are getting as bold. For Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 she sent her models down the runway in dresses and coats which are big and beautiful, finished with feathers or totally made of those.

Coming in a variety of colors – from white and rosy to black and red – the pieces in Alexander McQueen Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 collection represent Ms Burton’s vision of the future. The designer said that despite the fact other brands think of a gloomy and dark future she wanted to see it light and happy.

Beautiful future. The soft bed of the forest floor by day and night. The domed caps and rippling underbellies of mushrooms and other fungi. Light and shade, power and protection, hyper-femininity and strength.

The silhouette becomes increasingly three-dimensional and overblown as the collection progresses. Shape, texture, print and embellishment explode, initially from the waist and finally from the neck down.

Sleeves were exaggeratedly long, while tiny waists were circled by silver belts with stylized knots at the front.

On the show the last few gowns, dozens of layers of wispy chiffon were pulled in around the waist, like creations from another world, that of McQueen’s designer, who stepped out for a bow in jeans, a pair of scissors in her rear pocket.


Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week shows are absolutely mind-boggling this years. Prabal Gurung has gone psychedelia 60′s and the 90′s rock and roll grunge era is being relived on the runway by some of the bigger fashion houses such as 3.1 Phillip Lim.

As always Herve Leger has stolen the show by NOT following the trend. Unique and definitely for the chic, Herve stunned me this year by taking his bandage dress and creating a feminine flirty dress and using geometric shapes to accentuate the positive.

Look on the first group. This year he stepped it up with a swim collection to die for. Delicious harness work on this gives this monochromatic dress a little extra sexy style.
The second is the weaving. And this made my heart skip a beat. A true show stopper! And the itsy bitsy teeny weenie monokini is what I need!

As always Herve Leger kicked of SS 2013 with over the top sexy dresses for the girl who loves her curves. The swimsuits on the runway were an added bonus. Herve Leger has my vote for red carpet delicious diva’s everywhere. Invest ladies. Herve Leger’s fashion stock just went up!


Vivienne Westwood at Pairs Fashion Week Spring 2013

Vivienne Westwood 2013 Spring Show was named for "Climate Revolution". Although she claimed the name has little connection with the new series, however we still feel the thrill of a state of anarchy in her unfinished-fashion desisgn. Her style is never slick and this new series distribute a positive sense of simplicity, like a England idyllic simplifying certain misery.
It is held in the British embassy, approved by Sir Peter Ricketts who has enjoyed an illustrious career marked by stints as chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee and head of the Diplomatic Service.

In the embassy, filled with 19th century furniture, 20th century famous paintings on the wall which integrate the atmosphere of the show extremely. This is classic for her, finding inspirations from history, during her 40 years fashion designer career. Sir Peter explained: "This is a magic opportunity to use the building to promote British fashion, which I gather is worth £20 billion a year to the British economy." And he added: "This is an an experiment to see if we can do serious fashion here. It is the first fashion show I've been to, and I think it will be an experience."

With a soundtrack, the models dressed in from punk to reggae to classical, long-limbed, crazy-haired girls, stroding across Sir Peter's parquet floors in four-inch platform shoes and a dizzying onrush of outrageous attire. Sheer knit dresses frayed at the hems, Elizabethan seductress jerkins split high at the thigh and a purple metallic bustier topped by two racy horns were just a few of the eye-catchers. Dame Vivienne's undeniable facility for draping and fold - she has a genius for flattering her women, whatever their shape - was visible too. This, though, was often eclipsed by asylum-worthy styling that saw the models' faces painted with hearts and their heads occasionally crowned with outsized poufs.
So stay tuned, you will find more surprise.