Wedding Customs You Don’t Know

The world is full of unique things that you don’t know, and different place have different wedding ceremony. Some of them are really strange. Now let’s have a look what their wedding customs are.

First is the East Nigeria. There, the groom have to be sent to the bride and greeted by beating with a stick. And that is a way to check whether the groom is ready to bear the burden of the family life. And Yemen have the same custom. I bet the groom must want only one marriage in their life to avoid more stick beating.

As to many west wedding tradition have such a wedding ritual that the bouquet thrown by the bride on some one’s hand, it means that the next one going to marry is the girl catching the bouquet. However, it is not the same in Finland. After the wedding, brides wear golden drowns and all the unmarried women will dance in a circle around the blindfolded bride, waiting for her to place her crown on someone’s head. No matter who she crowns, she would be the lucky one to wed next.
And another same behavior is in Greece. The bride will launch a pomegranate, smashing it to the ground, releasing its lucky seeds. Certainly, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility and good luck and it’s not common to have them as ornaments in home. And in Turkey, there is a similar custom like throwing of the bouquet. Before the bride goes down the aisle, young single ladies write their names on the soles of her shoes. At the end of the night, after all the dancing, the bride checks her shoes and the name which has been rubbed off the most indicated the next person to get married!  

Have you ever heard the word - Polterabend. It is a custom from German. Maybe you would feel lucky that there are family and friends gathering to give the bride and groom a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of marriage life. However, it is not since the guests will go on a breaking and bashing spree, smashing to pieces crockery, tiles, basically anything except glasses and mirrors. The bride and the groom have to them clean up everything because that’s what they will be doing the rest of their lives. Will you be happy to clean up the mess? I prefer not.  

I have to say most of the wedding night is spent in a romantic way, but not the customary wedding in Rome. The groom is required to ‘kidnap’ the bride. When a man managed to kidnap a girl and hide her for two-three days, she will officially become his wife. Does it sound like funny. But it’s true.

Do you believe that the wishes you gained will bring you good luck? Before a traditional wedding, close friends of a Czech bride would plant a tree in her garden, decorating is using ribbons and painted eggshells, since it is believed that the bride will live as long as the tree. Would your friends “trim” its roots? It is a test for your friends, too.


Have You Ever Heard Hindu Wedding Ritual - Mehndi?

If you ever be a part during the preparation of an Hindu wedding, especially the Indian one, you may experience its complication and solemn. At the same time, it is full of fun. Take the Mehndi for example, it is associated with a number of things.

The most attractive and interesting aspect lie in the incorporation of the bride and groom names.  Until the groom has found both names, it is said that her wedding night, will not start. Finally, a custom followed in relation to the application of Mehndi states that a bride should never leave the house until the Mehndi ceremony has come to an end.

Nowadays, most young brides like delicate mehndi styles at arms while they can still wear significant jewellery. This would add the bride’s charm and enhance the decency of the bride. Now let’s look at some beautiful and special designs.


Personalize Your Wedding Through Providing Your Guests a Special Drink Time

As the whether changes quickly nowadays, and after a little taste of summer we had short times before, I bet you want to give your summer wedding a little different by few money. Then why not make some special details of the refreshments you offer for the guests. Let them to be surprising at what you made for them and give them a taste and eye shock on your wedding within.

You cannot let yourself restricted to the traditional coffee, tea or assorted juices. You have to let your mind flexible in imaginary. As the summer is befalling, you can choose a theme color with the cocktail drink you are going to make. Certainly, make the color match your wedding decor would be the best. If you plan to have a signature drink, you can give a bunch of diverse colors to give your guests a wonderful, splendid and colorful world. Of course, you can ask some of your friends what flavors they prefer. And you can set different tastes on your reception party to make people comfortable by a cool fresh glass in hot summer.

When you are preparing the drink, remember you can put some interesting garnishes to bring more personality into your wedding no matter you’d like to make the glass different or to give a fruit decoration.

The following pictures with various ideas about specialize drinks would be your favorite. Take a look and choose someone you like to make your wedding special.


Let’s Have A Retrospective of Different Brands

Women always want to be beautiful no matter where they are. Here let’s see what you can wear this summer to make you stand out.
First is the Chanel retrospective. It is founded in 1909 when designer Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel opened a millinery shop in Paris. And one hundred years later, French actress Audrey Tautou played the designer in a film about her early life, Coco Before Chanel. As t big turning point, Chanel became famous for designing practical clothes for women. It brought little black dress in 1926 and the wardrobe staple is as popular now as it was then. The look are versatile, elegant and sexy. Thus, its remains trendy today. And we can find that Coco preferred to stick to classic shades of black and white-timeless, not flashy-rather than bright colors.

Early Chanel dresses were free-flowing and easy to move around in-sounds basic today but back then, it was revolutionary. 1-4 This evening gown from the 1930s is in a style coveted by women the world over even today.

The second is Versace. Italian label brand was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978 who started with a collection of dresses but menswear quickly followed. Famous fans include David and Victoria Beckham, who wore matching leather outfits at a party thrown by the fashion house in 1999. Gianni was influenced by grandiose Italian architecture and the decadence of the art and theatre worlds. And this label embodies rock star glamour and overt sexiness. Its look is attention-grabbing, with sharp lines and lots of colors.

The last one is Louis Vuitton. As is known to all, Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage are status symbols around the world and the famous LV monogram, created in 1896 to deter counterfeiting, is considered the world's first 'designer label'. Michelle Williams wore a Louis Vuitton gown to the 2012 Academy Awards. As well as luggage and leather goods, Louis Vuitton makes ready-to-wear ranges for men and women, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery and accessories. The company's products typically feature the conspicuous LV monogram or the famous Damier Canvas checked pattern, making them instantly recognisable as Louis Vuitton.

All right, if yo still love these fashion, why not try them on. Good luck for you to find them.


Have a Look at Celebs in Deep-V Neck Dresses

To be a celeb, it’s hard to keep your popularity. And one of their tricks is to wear the deep-v neckline dresses to draw other’s focus.
As the top model of the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret, Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr figure is perfect going without saying,. She often wear only" three-point " in front of the camera, and at the same time she also likes to wear a deep V neck long dress on the red carpet for a big show of sexy. Let’s look at what she looks like with these dresses.

The second one is Jennifer Lopez who is Hollywood pop diva. Even though she is already over 40, she still loves to dance magniloquently when joining celebrity-studded dinner. And this illusion deep v neck dress is to some extent too much to wear yet perspective.

The third one is Hollywood country music queen Taylor Swift. She not only have a flair of singing, but also have a good figure. On the People's Choice Awards 2013 ceremony. She wear a white long dress and the breast is nearly to bust into people’s eyes.

On the 2012 Grammy awards ceremony, the queen Rihanna worn an attractive deep v neck dress showed up. Compared with the nude pictures she showed off on network, this one can be some of conservativeness.

The last one is Claire Danes who cast in Homeland as a competent CIA agent. And her favorite is the deep V neck dress. Certainly, such dress perfect show her figure to us.

Are you jealousy about those slender celebs? If you do, maybe you have to be on diet. It’s summer time and it’s time to show our body in the breeze and the sunshine.


Let’s Look at What Are 2013 Hot Dresses

When we embrace the swirl of diverse invitation, we need dresses to show a perfect and eye-catching showing time. And as a girl, each of you must want such effect. Though you may have sworn you would never wear certain items, I would ask you to lay down your prejudices for the following beautiful and fantastic dresses. They are made for this time and for you!

A pale gray strapless style by Oscar de la Renta and Mouawad jewels looked gorgeous on the actress, who was nominated for her role inThe Master.

Do you want to be the holy angel? Why not choose a white dress? White is a color of pure, it can stands for the pure love, so many young girls and boys like this color. I guess no one doesn’t like the white snow. How romantic it is when everywhere is getting white.

Actress Minka Kelly attends The Heart Truth 2013 Fashion's red Dress Collection show at Hammerstein Ballroom on February 6, in New York City.

All right, if you like them, you can get yourself one from online shops. Hurry up to store a fabulous trendy dress for your unexpected parties.


How to Invite a Companion to a Prom

As a boy, the times and the finesse to ask a girl out must be common and easy for you. However, if you are a girl and the prom is coming, you want to ask the special guy to date the prom, what would you do? That problem may rank the second confusing most girls, beyond the prom dress buying task. By the way, the WeddingCountdown prom dresses Canada is great! Here you should feel lucky because we are going to talk about how to make a boy ask you to a prom.

If you are friends, the thing would be simple. You can give him a hint that you are looking for a prom date, delivering the sense that you are available. At the same time, you should not behavior like that you have asked a lot of people and you didn't find anyone to date you the day. Keep sure your conversation is fun and casual to avoid the awkwardness in case he has got a date. You stat with ask what his plans are that night which may help ease him into asking you out. People only will ask you out when they fell comfortable to talk with you. If you don’t want to be too sad, you can prepare if by any chance, that he tells you he already has a date. The second effective way is to have one of your friends mention you to him. This will help you avoid rejection while allowing your friend to gauge his interest level in you. And this is a good way to find out whether his attention is on other girl or not. Lastly if you are unfamiliar with each other, you can ask him out first before the prom. And during the dating time, you should show your cute and funny side to him, finally to arouse his interest in you and ask you to prom as you expected.

All right, have you understand all these? If you do, just practice it!