Pick the Red Color to Make Your Wedding Passionate

As a bride to be, I want to say that the innovative ways to personalize a wedding are innumerable. It depends on how intensive your mind is about to make your wedding the most unique. The one thing you should do is to pick up a special color to be your wedding theme. That keeps sure your wedding is attractive. However, the same color of the wedding dress is not necessary. Maybe you can get your bridesmaids the same color making them blending into the wedding. Buying WeddingCountdown bridesmaid dresses online shop would be great for you to add some beautiful travel to your planning.

Let’s cont the benefits of setting the main color or colors that are going to beautify and decorate the wedding. It would be a great way to start with because this way you will envision all the details and the major aspects of the wedding much easier. You will know what type of wedding cake you will need, what types of table cloths, what types of napkins, vases, etc. you will need to plan the whole wedding in a more unified stylized way. Of course you can find some thing special from the online bridal gowns shop. First the red with black and white is a matchable team. These three colors are always in fashion. If you want ti fashion-forward, you need a dramatic twist on things. Imagine classic red roses displayed in simple glass vases on white table cloths (remember how you can save with white linen?) layered in black and white feathers... That’s about as divine as it gets. And it stays within the budget, too! In this instance, red, white or super dramatic black invitations would announce your exciting intentions. This dramatic look would be enhanced by damask invites, too.

Second is that you can match the red with a green theme. They are refreshing, natural and romantically passionate enough to make your wedding a different one. The energy, vitality, cheerfulness, creativity, naturalness, and elegance they bring you is so many joy.

All right, just look ar these pictures to find out the one you like and then just copy that idea would be an easy way to plan your wedding.


Yellow - The Wedding Theme of This Spring

Is there any other color can surpass yellow color theme for a wedding in this spring season? I bet there is no. In this regressive economic environment, we all need a little something to lift our moods. The yellow weddings have been in vogue a few years ago, people with all kinds of shades - from soft buttery yellow to intense hues like sun. According to color psychology, yellow is associated with laughter, happiness and good times. The yellow can be revealed through some details if you are not going to buy yourself a yellow wedding dress. I have to stress that the  WeddingCountdown bridal gowns shop has many different kinds of dresses to meet your needs. Just let’s see some matches with yellow color.

As yellow is super hot, let’s try to mix it with true silver or pewter gray. If you match these out, you may feel how attractive they would become. The most striking point is that you can choose yellow bouquet of flowers for each of your bridesmaids. The second detail is that both you and your brides of honor can wear the same color shoes, such as yellow. Then no matter where you go, you may be a spectacle. Oh, don’t forget the groom and groomsmen who can wear yellow bowties. If you want people to know what your wedding would be like, you can use the yellow wedding invitations to give them some hints.

As we talked about the groom, the gray or blue suits would be best to match the yellow bowties. Try mixing a pretty shade of yellow-this is different than lemon yellow, it’s a little softer-with baby blue and then adding Navy for dramatic emphasis and grounding. Navy makes a beautiful background for punchy yellow and the baby blues lighten the whole palette up. Now, how do you save money with this? Add white, stick with simple yellow flowers and lots of greens. How pretty is that? Can you imagine? Making them out would you have a sense of that beauty.

All right, let’s start right now! Let’s make your wedding the perfect and memorable one.


Pick A Long Dress for Yourself this summer

As the long style is always the classic, and the best type to show one’s elegance, which has been the 2013 fashionable element. From backless to halter dress, no matter what design of dress you want, you can find online, such as WeddingCountdown prom dresses online shop. The dress there are a lot, especially the long kind.

Since the long dress sometimes represent sophistication at its finest, they are good for holiday parties and evening affairs. The dresses speak for themselves and are out there during a selection of sizes and colors. As a symbol of sophistication and distinction, they really resonate the style and look of the person carrying it. It’s conjointly the preference for several fashion models and celebrities attending award shows. From my standpoint, I do regard the one-color simple long dress as the most attractive and graceful.

To keep with this year trend, I suggest you buy one.


Watch These Wedding Photos to Get Some Inspiration for Your Own Wedding

To be a happy bride, you certainly want to take down every blissful moment for memorial, not only the dress you are in, buying from famous bridal gowns shop. Then let’s look at some beautiful pictures for your reference.
The first on is from a couple who are stand in front of a shinning effect. This incredible special effect was achieved with steel wool and a 9-volt battery! This shot is so neato that many people want to do the same trick after they saw the sense.

The second is just like you are having dinner under the shinning stars in the night. It’s not only romantic but also magical and breathtaking!

Do you like the following one, full of passion in a narrow dark place. I guess everyone would like to try such one.

The forth one I have to say is made best for the couple who are teachers. Walking through a ceremony arch made from books must be very special.
Of course, the sweet moment  between the bride and her dad like this should be taken absolutely.

Don't want to have a first look? You can still take photos together before the ceremony — without seeing each other! This one just do that!

Don't forget to take a single picture for your bouquet

Play ball! You will love this charming photo idea.

You must applause for the following idea. Take your guests on a trip down memory lane by lining your aisle with photos of the bride and groom through the years!

The last one is aesthetic.  I love the lighting in this beautiful fall wedding photo!

All right, let's hurry up to take some new kind of photos for your wedding.


Take A Break to See the 2013 Newest Trendy Wedding Gowns

Are you being droved crazy about picking up the right wedding dress? Or after seeing so many dresses with different styles and colors, you just feel tired. Why not have a look at here to re-change your mind or give yourself another inspiration.
First is Anna Ceruti Wedding Dresses Collection 2013. There are dress with short sleeves and V-neck Entirely lace with jewel belt at the waist and large satin bow on the back, dress with shoulder straps with applique bow, empire cut with embroidery lace, Shoulder dress with shoulder falling in organza and long train, dress with V-neckline edged with lace waistband and flounced skirt edged in satin polished, and Shoulder dress with V-neck pink powder with jewel belt embellished with colored stones.

Second is the Badgley Mischka Bridal Collection 2013. Since joining forces in 1988, Badgley Mischka has captivated both the fashion press and outstanding retailers around the world with a subtle style that caters to a young, fashionable couture customer, while not forsaking ladies of any age. “Our style harks back to the glamorous Hollywood of the Forties,' says Mischka. “The Badgley Mischka signature vogue is simple, streamlined and totally elegant.”
Their designs are made of the best fabrics and superior craftsmanship. There is often an part of interest, either in the silhouette or with luxurious detail. They have remained true to the present design philosophy and also the consistent integrity of their collections have pushed them to the forefront of fashion.

The last are Glamorous Wedding Dresses 2013 from Valentini Spose. The 2013 bride is always the most glamorous . The collections of Valentini and EGO’2013 surprise for a style that combines refinement, elegance and detail that can give that extra touch of glamour. And possible to see and try on clothes in the new collections by booking an appointment at the Valentini Spose studio. 11-15

Of course, each of these dresses will cost you lots of money, if you want to buy a cheap one, keeping on searching online, such as the WeddingCountdown bridal gowns shop.


What’s the Best Look of this spring-Look At Here

Since each female love to dress them up beautifully. As the spring comes, a season to show your beauty, you should instore some new clothes. Look at here to find whether there any you like.
First is Calvin Klein Spring 2013. Francisco Costa closed New York Fashion Week with a minimal but graphic Calvin Klein collection that covered some of the American season's biggest trends. Namely: Black-and-white and graphics. Seamed dresses with exaggerated peekaboo bra details followed one after another.

In a quite fantastic optic moment, the designer layered black moire over white shift. It was in a wave pattern that, when the model walked, looked like it was undulating itself.

The graphic nature segued into monotone separates, too. All-white looks featured slivers of black that ended up lending the silhouettes a flattering visual line...like shaving a few inches off on both sides. On exits where the shape might be tough—like peplum—this is a welcome visual trick. 

As minimal and tailored as the collection was, there was a softness in some of Costa's color choices. Like the palest cream, done in pretty paneled dresses. If it wasn't pale, it was sheer (another big motif on the American runways).

There were sheer strips across models' mid-riffs, often acting like the middle ground between two concepts. The bustiers above the waist were tailored and strict. The fabrics below the waist were slightly gathered and moved easily. It was the best of both worlds.

Second is the collections of Ralph Lauren Spring 2013Ralph Lauren is the American in Paris...and Barcelona and perhaps Mexico City. The designer was in a jet set mood, like others this season, giving his American sportswear staples a far-flung feel. 

He did sweet little black dresses with white Peter Pan collars or ruffled-up sleeves. Wide belts cinched nearly every look, as did high strappy heels.

All right, if you love them, why not start your buying time?