Wear A Same Style Dress With Your Bestie

You certainly heard of "Couple Clothes", and most people have the experience of buying couple shirt for their lovers. We enjoy the feeling of wearing the same with people we love, so sweet and satisfied. 

But girls,while you are in love with your honey, don't forget your bestie! They are the people who always support you and share both their joy and sorrow with you. So, in this holiday season, have you thought about wearing a same style dress with your bestie for the party? Imagine you look for the dress together on the internet or try on in the shop. That will be a lot of fun. You can also choose different color, embellishment or accessories to show your own personality.

Below are some of the styles that i like~ Just show you the pictures and descriptions for your reference~ 

 This prom dress features its beaded one-shoulder and zipper design with cocktail length.
This empire cocktail dress made organza and chiffon features strapless sweetheart neckline,rouched bodice with beaded waistband and adorable skirt.
This empire cocktail dress made organza features strapless sweetheart neckline,delicate beaded bust,rouched bustline and short draped skirt.
This empire cocktail dress made organza features strapless sweetheart neckline,beaded and sequins bodice and short draped skirt.

This dress is made of chiffon and features its scoop neckline and short draped skirt.
This short A-line dress made of taffeta features its rouched bodice and ruffled skirt with beaded accent.


Candy Kisses Wedding Dresses

Connecting the wedding dress with candy can be sweet and fairy-tale. It reminds me of the romantic love story of the prince and princess.
Today, I would like to introduce some candy-themed wedding dresses which feature french lace gowns for every figure and are all staggeringly chic.

 This classic Cinderella and Pink style is so dreamlike and fit for a princess.

With hand sewn organza flowers peppered throughout the bodice and skirt, this ivory gown is effortlessly romantic. 

 Dare to be different in this Eighties-inspired playsuit.

 The sweetheart neckline combined with the fitted drop-waist skirt adds flair to this full fishtail skirt.

 Complete with a pleated fan sweetheart neckline, this silk style is very sexy.

How To Be A Holiday Beauty

As the holiday season shifts into high gear, so does the urge to polish up your look with a few special touches — think red satin lips, ribbons of glossy waves, and smoky eyes with a sparkly twist. Adding a bit of flair is all about balancing a rich eye or lip with a casual bun or chic braid to create an easy sophistication that works in any festive situation. Here we take a cue from the ladies of the red carpet who consistently get this mix right for some dazzling inspiration.

Brushed-Out Waves + Pale Lips
Alexa Chung is the poster girl for downtown chic these days, so no wonder her party look is decidedly laidback-but-cool. To get her semi-waves, curl only the lower section of hair below your cheekbones so the effect looks lived-in (not accidentally half-done) and hold the iron vertically so the waves fall back, away from the face. A dab of peach cream blush on the lips is pretty in an understated, dashed-off kind of way.
Shiny Waves + Crimson Lips
Ashley Greene's classic combo works in your '20s or '60s and never looks tired as long as you keep your hair in beautiful condition (no frizz, no splits) and stroke on a rouge that doesn't feather or fade.
Flapper Faux Bob + Kitten Eye
Retro hairstyles run the risk of looking costume-y but the deep side-part and undone wisps keep this style fresh and modern on Coco Rocha. After blowing out hair and curling it with an iron, roll the back section into a faux bob and secure with a long pin. The eyes offer a subtle wink to the twenties with a “kitten” effect, which is like a cat eye but done with a shorter flick of liner at the outer corners.
 Chic Top Knot + Cherry Red Lips
The beauty of this hairstyle is that it can be made more or less dressy depending on how tight you pull the knot. Elizabeth Olsen opted to keep it casual, so it plays well against bold cherry red lips.
Soft Waves + Nude Lip
Kirsten Dunst plays up her movie-star good looks with classic Hollywood waves, which are easy to achieve with hot rollers and a paddle brush — run the brush through curls after they've set to form smooth, flowing curves and mist with hairspray. Instead of the expected red lip, go for a beige shade two tones darker than your skintone (the secret to looking youthful, not washed-out) and load up on mascara to finish.
 Sleek Bun + Scarlet Lip
Uma Thurman's shiny ballerina bun and glamorous red lips are elegant in a timeless way.


The Night Before The Wedding Day

The night before the wedding day will be full of excitement, anticipation and tension. We can't help thinking of what gonna happen on the wedding tomorrow. What if I oversleep? Suppose we make mistakes on the wedding, what would we do then? Would the guests laugh at us? We will tangle with a lot of questions. But all these unusual condition may have a negative impact on our wedding.Therefore, the most important thing on the night before the wedding day is to relax yourself and just be yourself as usual.

1.Do eat a good dinner. Don't just nibble – you'll need plenty of energy for the day ahead. Stay away from spicy foods or rich, heavy desserts. They may give you indigestion and stop you from getting a good night's sleep.

2.After the rehearsal dinner, do spend time with people that are close to you, like your parents, your bridesmaids or your fiancé. Try not to be around people that can be annoying or cause you any stress.

3.Try taking an aromatherapy bath with fragrant candles and soft music. The bath may help you get drowsy. After that, change into comfortable clothes and do something you enjoy that relaxes you, such as reading a book or listening to soothing music. 

4.Set a back-up alarm. It is a good idea to take some extra preparations and precautions you normally wouldn't do. Definitely set an extra alarm for the morning, one that is out of arm's reach. If you tend to be a heavy sleeper, or you've had a past of accidentally sleeping through your alarm on important mornings, have someone call you in the morning.

5.Just do yourself as usual. When athletes get ready for a race, they treat it like any normal practice. There's no reason to warm up more or less, to stretch any differently than you normally do, to deviate away from your normal routine. Sometimes doing those kinds of things just makes you more nervous. Prepping for a big race like it's a normal practice relaxes an athlete - takes off the pressure of an event that involves quite a bit of pressure and significance. So, if you're feeling the jitters, calm yourself down by keeping your normal before-bedtime routine. Don't take a bunch of sleeping pills or go to bed three hours earlier than usual - just do everything like you normally do, in order to calm yourself.


Change Your Hair Color For The Holiday

Girls, Are you tired of your hair color? Do you wanna change it to make everybody says "Wow"? 

Today, i would like to recommend some most fashionable hair colors which will definitely make you dazzling and be the focus of the party.

Attention: Take your pick according to your skin color, makeup, clothes and accessories you usually wear. Thus your whole look can match up beautifully.

Copper with Fine Gold Streaks
This is a perfect match for red lips~
Emma Stone
Dazzling Auburn
Choose pink lips to go with this one will  turn you into a mysterious beauty~
Coco Rocha
Strawberry Blonde
Typical Sweetheart Style
Amy Adams
Deep Dark Garnet
If you wanna be mature and attractive, try this~ 
Julia Roberts
Rich Ginger
This color can fully highlight your elegant and royal quality.
Julianne Moore
Cherry Bomb Red
My Party Girls, what are you waiting for?
Just be passionate like fire~
Cool Crimson
This one will let you have artistic temperament.
Drew Barrymore


DIY Wedding

Did you ever thought about having a handmade wedding?You can completely creat a wedding in accordance with what you want.Imagine you have the perfect location for the wedding of your dreams, but it would need a lot of work – I’m talking about building a stage for the ceremony and all the seats, seating for dinner and finding a place for the catering staff to cook all the food.

All the above means a heavy work. You have to spend a lot of time and energy on arranging all the things in order to make yourselves and your guests feel romantic and comfortable. Besides, you'd better ensure that all the attendants will not feel inconvenient.

Although it is a very challenging task for you, it is also very meaningful. In this process, you can promote your relationship by cooperation and do a warm-up for the future family life.

Just have a try and let everybody remember your wedding day~


Star Weddings of the Year

It was a fairy tale come true for England as its future king wed his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton at London's Westminster Abbey on April 29. In front of 1,900 invitees (among them foreign dignitaries, fellow blue bloods and a sprinkling of celebrities), the couple turned their love affair into a world affair, with millions of well-wishers celebrating right alongside the young royals.

Kate Moss and rocker Jamie Hince exchanged vows in a days-long celebration near her Cotswold, England, home on July 1. Calling her big day  "rock 'n' roll Great Gatsby", the supermodel lived up to the billing, swapping "I dos" in a beaded-and-lace John Galliano gown before guests like Kelly Osbourne and Sir Paul McCartney.

After dating over a year, Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon walked down the aisle on March 26 and married entertainment agent Jim Toth in a private ceremony at her Ojai, Calif., estate. "I got very lucky, and he's wonderful," the actress gushed to Marie Claire about her new husband. "And so wonderful with my children. I'm very blessed."

It was the wedding that almost wasn't – if you believe the rumors. But despite reports that Charlene Wittstock nearly played the role of runaway bride in her wedding to Monaco's Prince Albert, the couple walked down the aisle on July 2 at Monaco Palace.

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé sealed his "Crazy Love" for Argentine actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre in not one but two ceremonies – in Buenos Aires on March 31, followed by a second celebration two months later in his home country. "It's just another excuse to celebrate our love, have a few drinks and to dance all night," Bublé told Entertainment Tonight Canada.


Happy Christmas wedding!

It is the best times of the year, it is the happiest times of the year. The holiday season is on his way and coming soon! Are you ready for a happy holiday? Have you thought to add some sweet touch to the Christmas and plan a christmas themed wedding this time?

If your answer is yes, and here is the right place for you. Today, brideindreams blogspot brings you with the christmas themed wedding. You will going to enjoy a wedding anniversary besides Christmas holiday every year. Sounds cool.

As you may know, that the red and white paly as the major color hue for the Christmas. So adding a little red touch such as red sash to the pure white wedding dress would be definitely fit the season. Meanwhile, red can be applied in other details of christmas themed wedding such as bouquet, invention and wedding shoes and so on and so forth. Oh, we really like the cake which was carried by Santa with his carriage! Happy Christmas wedding!


Aesthetic lolita wedding dresses series photography

Welcome to the middle week. Today we would like to bring you with the most pretty lolita wedding dresses series photography.

Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. The novel is notable for its controversial subject: the protagonist and unreliable narrator, middle-aged literature professor Humbert Humbert, is obsessed with the 12-year-old Dolores Haze, with whom he becomes sexually involved after she becomes his stepdaughter. His private nickname for Dolores is Lolita. After its publication, Lolita attained a classic status, becoming one of the best-known and most controversial examples of 20th century literature. The name "Lolita" has entered pop culture to describe a sexually precocious girl.

In recent days, many fahsion designers bring the lolital style to the wedding dresses which usually bring sweet and allure charm. Hope you can enjoy our today’s picture shoot.


Handmade holiday touch-cupcake ornamets

Hello Winter !! I think you may be as happy as I because the holiday season is coming soon. The holiday this year, featured a handmade holiday. Some handmade itmes could be used during the festival days either at home or as gift at weddings. All I hope is that you can enjoy this fun and sweet little stuffs.

This time, the spotlight goes to the Amy Miller Designs who features handmade cupcake ornaments,DIY paper products and etc. Also, if you are searching for the best festival gift, then take the personlized “1st Christmas” cupcake ornamets into consideration. They won’t disappoint you for sure.

The Amy's faux cupcakes could be used as ornaments, photo or place card holders or as a stand alone decoration. The first set is in red hue which goes well with the color tone of the season. The second is in sweet colorful design, and the third is in leopard and zebra print style. All of them would be definitely great favor for girls. Which one do you like?( ps: the pictures were sited from brendasweddingblog )


The timeless vintage glamour

Morning all! How is your weekend? Do you play with the snow there are dancing in the chilly wind? Oh, never mind it, all I hope is that you do have a good weekend.

I am excited to share with you something glamourous. As you may know that the 1920’s and the 30’s is called the “lost generation” . however, there is still a kind of decadence glamour in the time. To the very matter of fact, it would be a beautiful way to creat a classic vintage yet timeless wedding by getting some inspiration form this very era. As you can find from the colors in it: soft snow white and bold black with stunning pops of red for brighen up the chilly days. All of them makes perfect for winter wedding tone. By the way, you could also use some romantic purple or pink to take the place of red to make a more warm & sweet feeling in your big day.

Remember to try some subtle ways to brighten the bridal gowns, for example a bright flash of colour underneath the dress is a nod to the contemporary, whilst still capturing the fun and fashion of the 20′s. The red heel is the choice. The bouquet, the cakes can all be charming with the vintage tone. Of course, the dress itself would be the key note. Choose something slinky and satin with an element of beautiful beaded embellishment either on the dress itself or in your accessories. (PS: the picture was sited from bijouxbride)