Make your winter wedding a fairyland

The winter is here! With lower and lower tempure and more and more clothed on.We are juse expecting the snow here. How about yours? Anyway, let’s say hello to winter!

The season is always considered as a season for snow and festival. And how about have a winter wedding? The snow background will just make your wedding ceremoy a fairytale sceen. Even if there is no snow for your wedding, there are some good ways to decorate your wedding like a fairy land.

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The beautiful detail for wedding-bridal shoes

The Friday is here! Work till the last minute then the weekend is coming! Cool! And now, let’s see something cool: the wedding shoes. They are the beautiful detaisl for wedding.

It can be said that the wedding shoe is one of the necessary details for a wedding. A good chocie of wedding shoes will match the bridal gown better and thus further flatter the bride. To the very matter of fact, the tradition white or ivory bridal shoes are just the the choices of the bridal shoes. The alternatives are many.

Choose a bright color you like and make sure that the dress is comfortable are the top two priorities when chooing the bridal shoes. Have a look at the wonderful and beautiful wedding shoes here and get your own inspiration!


Lovely pumpkin themed wedding

Hey, the thanks giving day is coming!!! It is one of the best holidays in the year. A season for harvest, and a time for family together, and a heart with gratitude for nature. How about have a thanksgiving wedding?

In the best time of the year, marry the best man you love, wouldn’t it be good idea? It would be memorable and shows your marriage. Thus, in the future days, you would treat each other more seriously and gently.

As for the thanksgiving themed wedding, the pumpkin would never be absent. Take a look at this creative pumpkin wedding reception designs. These punpkin wedding ideas would be definitey lovely and will have some inspiration for your own wedding.


The most attracting wedding cakes

A wedding would included a reception, the reception would included the desserts and the desserts would included wedding cake. That would be true for sure.

To share the wedding cake with your guest is a symbol to show that you want to share the most sweet and romantic life with them. Really sweet ideas. In another aspect, the wedding cake plays a big role in the wedding reception decoration. A good wedding cakes do not only have good taste but good looking as well. Actually, there are many wedding cakes are the spotslight of a wedding reception.

The creativity and the imagination of a baker is praiseworthy. They really done good job. Check some of the most attracting wedding cakes here. We are sure that you will got inspiration for you own.


All in romantic: From first meet to proposal II

After we got started,Neither of us would satisfied with communicate online with days go by. Hence, later we began to date. There was some kind of embarrassment at the very beginng. But later, everything goes the same with other loves. We began to date weekly,and then daily. I should admit that the days we spend together really sweet. He loved me and I loved him that’s the story.

I like his humor. He can always make me happy with his unique shrewd humor. Well, I guess that has some connection with his major. He must be a smart guy. Otherwise, he can not deal with tremendous accounts and figures rightly. What’s more importantly, I really love the emotional security with him.In general,we make a good pair, despite some quarrels occidently.

At November 11th, when we walked together on the way to work, strangers handed me pink balloons and love notes.(He had asked his friends to stand on the other side of the way with a bunch of balloons and give the balloons to strangers, who would, in turn, hand them to me. The first balloon was given to me by his friend, who I wouldn't recognize. How clever!)
There were too many things were going through my mind--just random thoughts like he is so cute, who are these people, wow I'm really lucky, doesn't this only happen in the movies? Is this real? He loves me, doesn't he? My mind was really busy about this stuffs.

“And I love you so.
The people ask me how,
How I’ve lived till now.
I tell them I don’t know….”
Suddenly, he sang for me right in the crowd and when he finished he asked “ Molly, will you marry me” You know I could say nothing but “yes”.


All in romantic: From first meet to proposal I

Like many love stories ofthen goes, my boyfriend and the husband-to-be and I met by completely accident. I was waiting for the metro to work that  day while listening to music with my earphones. But I would never know that it was my earphone that drew him to me,the way that I was lost in music.

When I back home at night, I got a new mail in my email inbox with just a few words: “ Dear Molly, I really fond the way you lost in music while on the crowded and noisy bus. By Steve.” The whole thing seemed odd to me. Who is that guy? He must definitely knew me. I responded him in a short manner too: who are you? do you know me?

His response came very soon, he told me that he is an accountant in a company, likes fiugres and notes. So he notice me who lost herself in music on the bus.In the later days, we began to communicate with each other through mail. And as you may know we got started.Click here to read more :)


The first and the forever lover

Lisa and Ben were the classmates from 9th to 12th in their senior school days. At that time of 10th class they were just friends,in 11th best friends and finally in 12th class Ben proposed Lisa.At this time, Lisa stopped talking with Ben. The fact is that despite Lisa hold some affection towards Ben, she just could not accept his proposal at high school. And her family would never allow that.

After finishing school, Lisa’s family was shifted to another city due to her dad’s transfer. To Lisa, it was hard depart. She knew clearly that she would have to say goodbye to all her friends these years in Boston, and most important of all, she would be apart from Ben. The guy that always kept her company, shared her laughters and sorrows and even propsed her. However, what she can make for it? Though accepted his proposal in her mind she just could not accept his proposal essentially at high school. “ Sorry for my rude refusal, and goodbye Ben” She wrote in her diary.

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What Disney Princesses Really Taught Us About Love II

Our mothers’ wise words have had a big influence on our love lives, but not nearly as much as the love advice we received from those other wise women from childhood, the Disney princesses. Ariel taught us that guys dig long legs and Snow White made sure we knew it was okay to sleep in a house full of seven men as you didn’t actually do anything. Embark with us on a journey to a faraway land of fairytale love where we decode the love lessons from each princess and show just how sensible these love lessons are.

Snow White Teaches Us How to Sleep Around And Still Get Prince Charming
Want to make a man fall head over heels in love with you? Use the jealousy card! Stumble upon a cottage that is inhabited with seven men and stay there while your boyfriend wanders around looking for you. When he finds out that you shared a home with seven other dudes, and didn’t take part in an orgy, he’ll just be dying to kiss you and sweep you off your feet.

Ariel Teaches Us the Importance of Body Language
Forget what you’ve read about communication being the key to a lasting relationship. Ariel proved that all you need is hot bod, lovable quirks like brushing your hair with a fork, and a bunch of helpful friends to do the talking and relationship-coaching for you. After all, true love’s kiss can solve everything from romantic woes to missing vocal chords.

Jasmine Teaches Us It’s Okay to Talk to Strangers (and Thieves)
If you are greeted by a man in shabby clothes covered in dirt, definitely allow him to lead you down all sorts of dark alleys and abandoned buildings. If he has a pet monkey, even better! Always trust a man whose best friend is a wild animal. It shows he has a nurturing side.


What Disney Princesses Really Taught Us About Love I

Our mothers’ wise words have had a big influence on our love lives, but not nearly as much as the love advice we received from those other wise women from childhood, the Disney princesses. Ariel taught us that guys dig long legs, Cinderella showed us how to get a guy to chase us (not to mention the importance of a pedicure),  Embark with us on a journey to a faraway land of fairytale love where we decode the love lessons from each princess and show just how sensible these love lessons are.

Cinderella Teaches Us the Right Way to Play Hard to Get
Playing hard to get is as easy as turning a pumpkin into a carriage. If that sounds challenging, just follow in Cinderella’s pedicured footsteps. First to give him a hint of where to find you, leave your Manolo Blahnik pump at the club. That way, he can look for you all over the city, and be heartbroken every time some girl’s foot doesn’t fit the slipper you left behind. Oh, how can you refuse a guy who has touched hundreds of women’s dirty feet just to get to you? Then, you should probably marry the man who you just met since his committed search for you is proof alone that you will have a happy, long lasting, faithful marriage. As long as you don’t mind that your new husband has a raging foot fetish, you’ll truly live happily ever after.

Belle Teaches Us That You Can Change Your Man into Whatever You Want Him to Be
No matter how much of a monster he was before you met him, he just needs the love a good woman to turn him into Prince Charming. If you’re having trouble getting your boyfriend to even change his dirty socks, it just means you’re not trying hard enough. A sparkly gold dress might help.


Adds the sweet and romantic touch with desserts

The desserts would be necessary for a wedding.This kind of small stuffs have a strong symbol: the new couple desires to share the sweet life together and also they wanna to share they sweet life with their familys and friends. This is why the sweet dessert is always and always present on a wedding.

In nowadays, the desserts are not just desserts with sweet taste but also eye-pleasing looking.Check the www.princessweddingstyles.org 4 more great inspiring wedding desserts.